Contempt Frequently Asked Questions

What Does "Contempt" Mean?

Contempt may happen when a court orders a person to do something, and the person does not do it.

Does The Court Charge A Filing Fee In A Contempt Case?

No, there is no filing fee for contempt or modification filings.

How Are Forms Filed With The Court

Information including court rules, filing fee waiver forms, and how to file forms with the court can be found by clicking the resources here.

What Forms Will I Need To File A Motion For Contempt

Representing yourself in court should not be taken lightly, and there are many reasons why hiring an attorney is a good idea. If you do choose to represent yourself, click here for what you need to know. Attached below are the Contempt Instructions and Contempt Forms. This form is specifically for custody or parenting time violations. If needed, there are resources below to help you complete the forms. Before completing the forms, look up your case information. You will need this information to complete the case captions found on the top of each court form. If you cannot locate your physical copy, visit to do a search. Refer to the resources found in the Helpful Tools and Resource section if you have questions about filing your forms or more steps that you may need to take after filing your forms.

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