After a Case Is Filed

Filing an Appeal

Information and help on how to file an appeal.

Setting a Virtual or Remote Hearing

Frequently asked questions about setting a virtual or remote hearing. You will find the forms you need to request a virtual or remote hearing.

Changing A Court Date

In order to change a court date, you must first receive court approval. Review the attached information for help changing a court date. You will find the forms you need to request a change to your court date.

Mediation And Alternative Dispute Options

You don’t always have to go to court to resolve disputes. Click the attached resource for information on mediation and alternative dispute resolution resources.

Going To Court Without A Lawyer

Watch a brief video on preparing to go to court when representing yourself.

When A Person Is In Contempt Of A Court Order

Information and help when a person violates a court order. Click the resource below to find Contempt forms and information.

Respond After A Case Is Filed

If a case has already been filed and you want the court to know how to inform you about the case, click the information sheet below and follow the instructions.

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