How to Electronically File Forms with the Court

Determine How To File Your Forms

Before deciding on how to file your court forms, review the handout attached at the bottom of the page called, “How to Prepare to File your Court Forms”. If after reviewing the handout you decide to file your forms in person instead of filing electronically, click “How to File Forms with the Court in Person” found on the right side of the page under Helpful Resources and Tools.

What Is E-Filing

E-filing is a method of filing documents with the clerk of any Indiana Court by electronic transmission utilizing the Indiana E-Filing System. Click here for information the Indiana Supreme Court has on e-filing.

E-Filing User Guide

Click the link here to read the Indiana Supreme Court’s E-Filing User Guide. Learn how to choose an e-filing provider, set up your free account, learn about preparing and serving your documents electronically.

How Can I E-File Without Paying A Filing Fee

Under Indiana law, you do not have to pay a filing fee if you meet certain requirements. A filing fee waiver asks the court to waive (not charge) a filing fee because you cannot afford to pay it. See “How to File Forms with the Court in Person” to find the filing fee waiver instructions and form. Once you have your waiver form completed, follow the directions in the following link to Create a “Waiver Account” for filings where no filing fee is required.

Helpful Resources and Tools

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