Terminate Child Support-Emancipated with Agreement

This form is helpful when all children that you share with another parent are now emancipated and should no longer be supported by child support payments. This form should only be used when both parents agree child support payments should end because all their children are considered emancipated.

What are the qualifications?

  1. You or the other parent are ordered to pay child support for your children.
  2. You believe that all the children you and the other parent have together are emancipated. Read the information provided below to see if your child is emancipated.
  3. The child support payments should stop.
  4. You and the other parent agree that the child support payments should stop.

When is a child emancipated? For purposes of child support, Indiana law (IC 31-16-6-6) considers a child emancipated if the child: 1. is age 19; or 2. has joined the United States armed services; or 3. is married; or 4. is not under the care or control of either parent or someone else approved by the court; or 5. is at least 18 years old, has not gone to school for the last 4 months, is not enrolled in school, and either is supporting himself or herself, or is capable of supporting himself or herself through employment. If you have another child with the same other parent and must still pay child support for that other child, even if this child is emancipated, you must use the forms ‘Change Child Support-Emancipated’.


Before Starting

We recommend that you set aside 2 hours to complete all forms. Representing yourself in court should not be taken lightly, and there are many reasons why hiring an attorney is a good idea. If you do choose to represent yourself, click here for what you need to know. Terminate Child Support with Agreement-Because Child is Emancipated Forms

  • Note that the Joint Verified Petition to Terminate Child Support Due to Emancipation of Minor Child(ren) Form found in the packet will need to be signed by both parents in front of a Notary Public before it is filed with the court. Many banks and libraries have a notary public available. A notary public will charge a small fee.

Get Started


We’ve provided instructions on how to complete these forms on your own but representing yourself in court should not be taken lightly, and there are many reasons why hiring an attorney is a good idea. In fact, we suggest that even if you use the forms provided on this site that you still talk with an attorney before submitting the forms to a court to get the best result possible.

Look Up Your Case

You will need information from your case to complete the case caption found on the top of each court form. If you cannot find your paper copy, visit mycase.in.gov to do a search.

Read Terminate Child Support Instructions

Review the Terminate Child Support Instructions attached below. You will use these instructions to complete the Terminate Child Support court forms.

Complete Terminate Child Support Forms

Complete the Terminate Child Support forms packet attached below.

File Terminate Child Support Forms

Review the resources in this section for information about filing your Terminate Child Support forms with the court.

After a Case Is Filed

Once the court approves your filed forms, you may need to take more steps. Review the resources in this section for help and information.