Ask To Attend Court Using Phone Or Computer Frequently Asked Questions

What does a Motion For Virtual Or Telephonic Appearance Do?

A Motion For Telephonic or Virtual Appearance asks the court if a person can use a phone or computer to attend a hearing, instead of going to the courthouse.

Does asking the court to let a person attend by phone or computer automatically mean a person does not have to go to the courthouse?

No. Only an Order signed by the judge can change whether a person needs to go to the courthouse at the schedule day and time of a hearing. If an Order does not change how a person can attend the hearing, then a person should show up to court on the date and time listed on the court order.

If a person wants to ask to attend by phone or computer, when should they ask?

A person should ask the court to change how a person attends a hearing as soon as possible.  Make sure to check local rules for time requirements. Indiana Local Rules of Court

How are forms filed with the court?

Information including court rules, filing fee waiver forms, and how to file forms with the court can be found at How To File With The Court

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