Relocation Frequently Asked Questions

How are forms filed with the court?

Information including court rules, filing fee waiver forms, and how to file forms with the court can be found at How To File With The Court

Why would a person need to file a relocation form with the court?

RelocationMany times, a person who has or is seeking custody of a child, parenting time, or grandparent visitation must keep other people who have or are seeking rights with the child advised of their home address and other contact information.  And a non-relocating parent must usually respond.  Review I.C. 31-17-2.2 for more information.

Does a person with parenting time, or who is seeking parenting time/grandparent visitation, alaalways need to file a relocation form when they move?

No. A person may not have to file a notice if:

  1. the move will decrease the distance between your home and the non-relocating person’s home OR the move will not increase the distance between the new home and the non-relocating person’s home by more than 20 miles and
  2. will allow the child to remain enrolled in the child’s current school.
How long does a non-relocating person have to respond?

If a person seeking custody, parenting time or grandparent visitation with a child has given notice that they intend to relocate, the non-relocating person may have 20 days to respond. These forms might help  a person to respond.  Review Indiana Code 31-17-2.2-5

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