Name and Gender Marker Change Frequently Asked Questions

How are forms filed with the court?

Information including court rules, filing fee, filing fee waiver forms, and how to file forms with the court can be found at How To File With The Court


How and why does a person file notice of a name change in a newspaper?

This video helps explain the process of filing notice of a name change in a newspaper: How To File Notice Of A Name Change



How and why is a name change or gender marker change case kept private?

This video helps explain how and why to ask a court to keep a case private: How To Ask A Court To Keep A Case Private



Does a court order ("legal name or gender marker change") automatically update other records?

No. A person’s identifications records, like social security card or driver’s license, are only updated when a person requests an update through the organization that issues the record.  For example, a birth certificate is issued by the Indiana Department of Health and a driver’s license is issued by Indiana’s Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

If a name is changed as a result of marriage, does a person need to file for a "legal name change" in court?

Usually the answer is no. An original, executed marriage certificate shows a name change.  However, a person must request updates to any personal identification records as explained above.  Usually the marriage certificate, instead of court order, can be used to update those identification records. 

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