Respond to a Case

Appearance Form to tell the court how a person can be contacted

Filing and Getting Ready For Court

Court Contact Information, Filing Fee Waiver, How to File With the Court, Court Rules and Public Record Search

After A Case Is Filed

Appeals, Contempt, Ask for New Court Date, Ask to Attend Court by Computer or Phone, Mediation


Child Support, Contempt, Divorce, Paternity, Parenting Time, Custody, Relocation, Guardianship


Eviction, Foreclosure, Landlord/Tenant

Military, Employment, and Immigration

Ask a lawyer a question about active military, veteran, or immigration needs. Basic information about employment issues.

Name and Gender Marker Change

Name Change, Gender Marker Change

Driving and Expungement

BMV Reinstatement Fees, Specialized Driving Privileges, Expungement

Debt, Estate and Small Claims

Debt, Consumer Protection, Small Claims, Small Estate, Probate

Future Medical Care Forms

Advanced Directives/Future Medical Care Forms

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