Housing Kiosk Project

Housing Kiosk Project

We are implementing a statewide network of computer kiosks placed in a variety of community locations offering the public the ability to talk to a remote legal housing navigator, gain access to legal information and resources, and apply for rental assistance.

What is a housing kiosk?
  • PC designed for reliability, ease of use, and simple accessibility
  • A printer for printing client documents
  • A full color scanner for clients to confidentially provide their documents to staff
  • Specialized software, including:
    • Software to ensure access to specific websites, documents, and programs
    • Chat feature to connect Hoosiers to remote legal navigators
    • Software to wipe user information after each session
What does a host organization need to provide?

There are two kiosk models available, a desktop model and a freestanding model.

Community Partner Hosts who receive desktop kiosks will need to provide:

  • A surface approximately 48×36 within a wheelchair accessible location;
  • Internet access (either ethernet or secure wifi); and
  • A point person(s) for kiosk coordination

Community Partner Hosts who receive freestanding kiosks will need to provide: 

  • An area approximately 20 inches wide in a wheelchair accessible location; 
  • Internet access (either ethernet or secure wifi); and 
  • A point person(s) for kiosk coordination
Which organizations are eligible to host?

Courts, libraries, food pantries, shelters for survivors of domestic violence, legal assistance organizations, and others who serve Hoosiers who may be facing housing insecurity are eligible to request to host a housing kiosk. Efforts are made to honor requests to reach communities in need, and kiosk placement is based on criteria related to project goals.

How does my organization request to host a kiosk?

An organization can submit an inquiry here: Request to Host a Kiosk

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