Expungement Forms

Expungement for Non Conviction

Use the Expungement for Non Conviction forms if:

  1. You want to expunge an arrest, criminal charge, or juvenile delinquency allegation from your record, and
  2. The arrest did not lead to a conviction.  This means there was a finding of ‘not guilty’, the entire case has been dismissed, or the entire case has been vacated on appeal, and
  3. The arrest is at least one year old, and
  4. There are no charges currently pending against you, and
  5. You are not participating in a pretrial diversion program.

     Expungement for Conviction

    Use the Expungement for Conviction forms if you want to expunge one or more convictions from your records, and:

    1. You understand that after a conviction has been expunged in any county in Indiana, you have 365 days within which to expunge any other existing convictions in any other county in Indiana and then you may never expunge any convictions in Indiana again, and
    2. You understand that if you have ONLY misdemeanors, the most recent misdemeanor must be at least five (5) years old, and
    3. You understand that if you have ONLY felonies, the most recent felony must be at least eight (8) years old, and
    4. You understand that if you have BOTH misdemeanors and felonies to expunge, your most recent offense (felony or misdemeanor) must be at least eight (8) years old, and
    5. You understand that felonies changed to misdemeanors may change your timeline and you should consult an attorney, and
    6. You understand that sometimes a prosecutor may allow you to file early, before the required number of years has passed.  To ask a prosecutor if you can file early, you might review this form, and
    7. You understand some offenses cannot be expunged.  And sometimes, if you have been convicted of a non-expungeable offense, no convictions on your record can be expunged.  Click here for general information on non-expungeable offenses, and
    8. You have reviewed this information on filing if you have convictions in more than one county, and
    9. You understand the insert(s) you will need to include in your filing depends on the type of offense you are trying to expunge.  This page might help: Insert Explanation
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