Drivers License Suspension Frequently Asked Questions

How are forms filed with the court?

Information including court rules, filing fee waiver forms, and how to file forms with the court can be found at How To File With The Court

What are specialized driving privileges?
Specialized driving privileges are privileges granted by a court that allow a person with a suspended license to legally drive for specific reasons.  For example, a person might ask the court for the privilege to drive to work.
When can a person ask for specialized driving privileges?
An individual whose driving privileges have been suspended by the court may ask the court for specialized driving privileges. IC 9-30-16-3

An individual whose driving privileges have been suspended by the bureau [Bureau of Motor Vehicles] by an administrative action and not by a court order may petition a court for specialized driving privileges.  IC 9-30-16-4

Not everyone is eligible. IC 9-30-16-1

What entity can suspend a person's license?
The BMV may suspend a person’s license without an order from the court.  More information on BMV suspension and reinstatement can be found at BMV Supsension and Reinstatement.

A court may order the BMV to suspend a license.  A person can check public court information here at

What are BMV Reinstatement Fees?
BMV resinstatement fees are fees that are charged by the BMV before a person can have their suspended license reinstated.

A person can ask the court to dismiss BMV reinstatement fees so that they do not have to be paid.

More Information on Suspension and Reinstatement
More information on suspension and reinstatement of a driver’s license can be found on the BMV website.
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