Paternity Forms

About Using This Form
  1. Use this packet if paternity has not been established and you want paternity to be established.
  2. Read the instructions.  
  3. Complete the forms.  You can either fill them out online and print them.  Or, you can print them and hand write your responses.
Other Information Needed

The following information will be needed: 

  1. The father’s race, date and place of birth,  and social security number,
  2. The mother’s race, date and place of birth, maiden name, and social security number,
  3. The child’s name at birth, date and place of birth, social security number, race and gender,
  4. A Child Support Worksheet. Click Here    

Filing and Getting Ready For Court

Court Contact Information, Filing Fee Waiver, How to File With the Court, Court Rules and Public Record Search

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