Divorce Without Children Without Agreement

Step 1: Who Should Use This Packet

You should use this form packet if you want to divorce your spouse AND:

  1. One or both of you have lived in Indiana for the last six months.
  2. One of you has lived in the county in which you plan to file for divorce for at least the past three months;
  3. You do not have biological or adopted minor children with your spouse;
  4. Neither you or your spouse are pregnant;
  5. You and your spouse DO NOT have an agreement on how property and debts should be divided.

If you are seeking a protection order, you can petition for one, in a separate case, from the privacy of a domestic violence shelter. Learn more about getting a protection order.


Step 2: Read The Instructions

Select and read the ‘Instructions’ packet below.


Step 3: Choose How You Will Complete Your Forms

  1. Fill out the forms. There are two ways you can complete these forms:
    (a) You can use a computer to fill in the form blanks. After you fill in the blanks you must print out the forms; or
    (b) You can print out the forms and handwrite your answers.
  2. Read your local court rules to find out how many copies you will need, and if there are any additional forms or procedures required in your county.
  3. Sign your forms and make copies.

Step 4: File Your Completed Forms

  1. Take the originals and copies of your forms to the Clerk of the Court in the county in which the divorce is being filed. The Clerk will stamp the forms with a filing date and give you back a copy.
  2. Mail one stamped copy of each form that you filed to the other party’s attorney, or the other party if he or she is not represented by an attorney.
  3. Leave two stamped envelopes, one with your address and one with the other parent’s address, with the Clerk for mailing the signed order.
  4. You can e-file these forms, but print them first.  Then, scan them back into your computer.  E-filing fillable forms causes errors in the e-filing system.  You can find out more about e-filing here: E-file Indiana

Read the Instructions First


I Have Read The Instructions

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