Petition for College, Special Medical, Hospital or Dental Expenses

Use this form packet if: 1.There is no current order of support because the child(ren) is emancipated; or 2. There is no order with respect to the payment of college expenses, or special medical, hospital, or dental expenses for the child(ren).

Be sure to review IC 31-16-6-2.  You may use this packet if one parent must still pay child support to the same parent for another child or children.

Step 1: Choose A Form Packet

Choose either the packet for parents who are divorced, or the packet for parents who were never married

Step 2: Read The Instructions

Select and read the ‘Instructions’ packet below 

Step 3: Complete The Forms

Use a computer to fill in the form blanks and print out the forms, or print out the forms and write your answers using a pen.  

    Step 4: File Your Completed Forms

    1.  Take the originals and copies of your forms to the Clerk of the Court that issued the current child support order. The Clerk will stamp the forms with a filing date and give you back a copy.

    2.  Mail one stamped copy of each form that you filed to the other parent’s attorney, or the other parent if he or she is not represented by an attorney.  If you request the Clerk to serve the other parent, you must have the other parent’s address when you file.  If you give the other parent their copy of the filed Petition in person, you must write “hand delivered” on the Petition where it says “certificate of service.”

    3.  Leave two stamped envelopes with the Clerk, one with your address and one with the other parent’s address, for the Clerk to mail the signed order.

    4.  If there is supporting documentation that you plan to bring to the hearing for the judge to see, make copies for the other parent as well.

    For Parents Who Were Never Married

    Read the Instructions First


    I Have Read The Instructions

    For Parents Who Are Divorced

    Read the Instructions First


    I Have Read The Instructions

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