How is child support calculated?

Any time the court is asked to change (or modify) child support, a new child support worksheet needs to be completed.  The child support calculator can create child support worksheets for use in court. The button on the right links to the Child Support Calculator. 

Where can I apply for child support services?

Child support services are available for both custodial and noncustodial parents.  You can learn more about this statewide service by clicking here: DCS Child Support Services

Can these forms be e-filed?

A person may be able to e-file these forms. Learn more about e-filing here: E-file Indiana. Whether a person chooses to e-file or file paper copies of documents, the forms below must be printed before they are filed. 

Income Withholding Order Information

Be prepared to update the Income Withholding Order any time you ask the court to update child support.  Review this checklist: Income Withholding Order Checklist.

Click here for a form and instructions: Income Withholding Order Form and Instructions

Processing Child Support Payments

The Indiana State Central Collection Unit facilitates the processing of child support payments. Vist the ISCCU website for more information about Income Withholding Orders and how to pay child support. ISCCU website

What if my child will turn nineteen (19) while still in high school and so I need to continue collecting child support until they graduate? 

You can notify the court that your child will still be in high school on their nineteenth birthday and ask that the court require child support to continue until the child graduates.  You can notify the court and the other parent by filing these forms.

Modify Child Support

Use these forms if you want to change the current child support order and the change is NOT because a child should be emancipated. 

Modify Child Support – because child is emancipated

 Use these forms if you want the court to change child support because one of your children is emancipated, but you and the other parent have other children together for whom child support should still be paid. 

What does it mean for a child to be emancipated?

For child support purposes, Indiana law considers a child emancipated when they turn nineteen (19) years of age. 

A child may be emancipated before they turn nineteen (19) years old if a court finds that 1. the child has joined the United States armed services, or 2. has married, or 3. is not under the care of either parent or an individual or agency approved by the court.

A court can also terminate child support if these three things are all true: 1. the child is 18 years old,  and 2. the child has not been enrolled in school for the last four months, and 3. the child is either able to support him or herself through employment, or actually is supporting him or herself through employment. See Indiana Code 31-16-6-6.

Terminate Child Support-because all children with other parent are emancipated

 Use these forms if all the children you have with the other parent should or have been emancipated and so there are no children that you have with the other parent that should continue to be supported by child support.   

Petition for college expenses and special medical, hospital or dental expenses

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