Child Support Forms

What does it mean to have an agreement?

For purposes of this website, having an agreement means that you and the other parent agree on all issues in this case.

For example, in a child support case, having an agreement means you and the other parent agree things like who will pay child support and how much child support will be paid.

What does it mean for a child to be emancipated?

For child support purposes, Indiana law considers a child emancipated if a court finds that the child has joined the United States armed services, has married, or is not under the care of either parent or an individual or agency approved by the court. A court can also terminate child support these three things are all true: 1. the child is 18 years old (or older), 2. the child has not been enrolled in school for the last four months, and 3. the child is either able to support him or herself through employment, or actually is supporting him or herself through employment. See Indiana Code 31-16-6-6.


Modify Child Support

Modify Child Support – because child is emancipated

Terminate Child Support-because all children with other parent are emancipated

Petition for college expenses and special medical, hospital or dental expenses