Information on Debt Collection

Click the button to the right for Self Help and Debt Collection Forms.

These forms were reviewed by legal experts from nonprofit legal aid organizations serving older adults.  They are for use in any state to help address and protect against common forms of abuse and financial exploitation.

Information for Landlords and Renters

For more information on Indiana’s Landlord and Tenant Settlement Conference Program, or to request a settlement conference with your landlord or tenant, click the button to the right.

Please note that this program is not for Hoosiers facing foreclosure.  Information on help with a foreclosure can be found below. 

For information on landlord and tenant rights and obligations, a Guide to Renting in Indiana may be helpful.  You can download a free copy here: Guide to Renting in Indiana 

CDC National Moratorium on Eviction

The Center for Disease Control has issued a National Moratorium on Eviction Completing and giving the Declaration Form To Give Your Landlord might stop your landlord from filing an eviction.

If an eviction has already been filed in court, filing the Declaration Form for Court if Eviction Filed might help pause the court case. 

Information On Foreclosure

If your home is in foreclosure, you may be able to request a settlement conference with your lender.  If you would like to request a settlement conference, read the instructions and fill out the form to the right. 

More information on foreclosure help can be found here: Indiana Help With Foreclosure 

Additional Information On Housing

Information on refinancing a mortgage, rights of tenants who are victims of domestic violence, subsidized housing and more can be found here: Housing Information   

Information on a program that helps some Hoosiers stay in their home due to lost or reduced employment can be found here:  Indiana Foreclosure Prevention Network

For housing information just for Hoosiers click here: Indiana Housing & Community Development Authority