Mortgage and Housing

  • Information on refinancing a mortgage, rights of tenants who are victims of domestic violence, subsidized housing and more can be found here: Housing Information
  • If your home is in foreclosure, you may be able to request a settlement conference with your lender.  If you would like to request a settlement conference, read the instructions and fill out the form below.
  • More information on foreclosure help can be found here: Indiana Government
  • Information on a program that helps some Hoosiers stay in their home due to lost or reduced employment can be found here:  Indiana Foreclosure Prevention Network
  • For housing information just for Hoosiers click here: Indiana Housing & Community Development Authority
  • For information on landlord and tenant rights and obligations, a Guide to Renting in Indiana may be helpful.  You can download a free copy here: Guide to Renting in Indiana


To request a Settlement Conference, read the instructions and fill in the form:

Read the Instructions For Settlement Request


I Have Read The Instructions For Settlement Request